One Coin.
Everthing Crypto.
Crypto is an emerging field which can provide many opportunities, but it is also one which is complex to navigate, hard to understand and prevalent with scams.  
The Mano Platform aims to mitigate these issues through a range services that empower and assist users.
Our initial hosting offering will soon be joined by review and verification services. As a community coin, we welcome all users to contribute and share in the success of Manocoin through community governance.   
More information about Mano and Manocoin can be found in our whitepaper here


Hosting Platform
Our hosting platform provides reliable, trustless masternode hosting for a variety of coins.
Mano verification services provide potential and current investors with greater piece of mind.
Coming Soon
Mano can help your project get the attention it deserves through in depth reviews accross multiple mediums.
Coming Soon
Coin Info
Mano Platform
Masternode Collateral
2 500
Block Reward
70% Masternodes
20% Stakers
10% Dev Fund
Proof of Stake 3.0
~60 Seconds
Max  Supply:
Infinite (Tail Emission)

Mano Core Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does the Mano team have?
We’ve gathered a select group of engineers, developers and management staff who have worked with some of the biggest tech unicorns in the United States and Australia.
Where is the Mano team located?
The core team is spread across Australia. As Mano is a community coin, anyone can propose to do work for Mano which is voted on through decentralised governance.
How can I trade Mano?
Mano is available on Birake. We aim to list on Blocknet in the future once the Mano blockchain has BIP65 functionality.
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