The Mano coin swap has been completed. If you have yet to swap your Mano, reach out to Elmsy or Towaberg on the Mano Discord ASAP, as swaps will now occur on a case by case basis, and remaining coins will be used or destroyed based on the results of an upcoming vote.

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MANO: The Masternode Platform


The Next Big Opportunity in Crypto-Assets

Masternodes generate passive income while providing necessary services for the blockchains that they support. Masternode operators can support the network and receive block payouts without investing in expensive hardware or chasing the newest algorithms for profitability. This rising, income- generating asset class is the hottest new opportunity in cryptocurrency today.

Different masternode coins have varying technical requirements to run their masternodes, and most investors don’t want to learn complicated Linux commands or deal with connectivity issues, hardware issues or security updates. MANO platform will shatter the technical barriers holding investors back via our integrated solutions, superior connectivity, top tier hardware and ease-of-use.

The time is now to invest in masternodes!

Masternode Coins

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$Billion USD Marketcap


Name:                           MANO: The Masternode Platform

Symbol:                         MANO

MN Collateral:             2 500

Block Reward:             70% Masternodes / 20% Stakers / 10% Development

PoS Algorithm:            Quark

Blocktime:                    60 Seconds

Max Supply:                 Infinite

Rewards Breakdown

Block Height Masternodes Stakers Developers
66,240-462,240 7 MANO 2 MANO 1 MANO
462,240-989,280 5.6 MANO 1.6 MANO 0.8 MANO
989,280-1,514,880 2.8 MANO 0.8 MANO 0.4 MANO
1,514,880-2,040,480 1.4 MANO 0.4 MANO 0.2 MANO
> 2,040,480 0.7 MANO 0.2 MANO 0.1 MANO


Project Milestones


JUNE 2018

MANO Coin Blockchain

Genesis block creation, core wallet releases, explorer.



MANO Community Takeover

Founder & Lead dev of MANO was unable to continue working on project and left. Community takeover was instigated and ownership transferred to current team.


MARCH 2019

MANO Blockchain Change

MANO coin swap and blockchain change from DASH to Phore, a PIVX based blockchain.


APRIL 2019


Launch of Mano Host easy masternode
deployment platform.


MANO Core Wallet


Have a question about MANO: The Masternode Platform? 

How can I trade MANO?

MANO’s first listed exchange is CryptoBridge. We chose it for being a decentralized exchange and being the most supportive exchange for masternode coins. The MANO team is actively working on additional exchange listings.

Where is the MANO team located?

The core team is spread across Australia, Europe and America. As MANO is a community coin, anyone can propose to do work for MANO which is voted on through decentralised governance.

What experience does the MANO team have?

We’ve gathered a select group of engineers, developers and managers who have worked with some of the biggest tech unicorns in the United States and Australia.

Where will MANO be incorporated?

The location for incorporation is undecided, but has been narrowed down to two candidates. We expect incorporation to occur within the next two to three months.